Friday 6.10.16

Buy In: Knock out! Perform 10 burpees once you get bounced. Mobilize.

We send off Arthur today with a commemorative workout. Arthur-your steady and continual progress in the gym are a testament to your consistency. Keep working hard and thank you for becoming a member of the getBUILT family. We will miss you!

"Farewell Arthur" (Partner WOD)

 Complete 1 mile (each partner runs 800 meters).

10 rope climbs (sub 5 ring rows per climb).

20 bar muscle ups (sub 20 pullups)

30 thrusters 53/95
40 handstand push ups (sub 40 wall balls)
50 dips
Complete 1 mile (same as above)
Only 1 partner can work at a time.



Mike Alley