Wednesday 8.03.16

Buy In: 5 reps unloaded barbell Snatch Progression. Mobilize and begin loading your bar and working on your snatch.

Every 3 minutes for 21 minutes:

Perform a complete 3 position snatch 2 times unbroken.

To clarify: at the start you will begin from the hang and complete a snatch (power OR squat-its up to you and applies throughout), then you snatch from just above knee height, then you will touch the ground briefly and go from there. THEN you will repeat the sequence. SO- you complete a total of SIX reps every three minutes.IF you lose your grip, miss the rep etc, you have to start over. All 6 reps unbroken. MAKE IT COUNT! Add weight as you go if possible. Post heaviest set weight to WODIFY.

TL/DR:Every 3 minutes- high/medium/low snatch, repeat.



Mike Alley