Thursday 8.04.2016

 Buy In: Use the tabata clock template to perform 20 seconds of:

Push Ups

Sit ups

Band Pull Aparts

Static Hold in the Hole (squat)


Jumping Jacks
Static Hold in the Hole (squat).
To be clear this will take 4 minutes. You'll want to have your band at the ready. 
Load your barbells and begin preparing for the WOD.


Complete 15-12-9 reps of:

Bodyweight Bench 


10 minute cap

Rest 3 minutes

Run 800 meters

25 reps Bodyweight Deadlift (Sumo stance)

8 minute cap

Rest 3 minutes

Row 500 meters

25 Handstand Pushups

6 minute cap

This workout is for time. If you complete the couplet prior to the cap, simply begin your 3 minute rest period at that point. 

Mike Alley