Wednesday 9.07.16

Buy in: unloaded barbell complex 8 reps each- hang power cleans>push press>back squat>behind the neck shoulder press> rdl>bent over row>thrusters

Thruster: 2x5@55,65% 1x max reps@75%

then with a partner-

copied and pasted from CrossFit Undone Rumble in the Valley Comp page (Dunlap, TN):

"Cluster's Last Stand"

AMRAP7 ascending ladder (1/1; 2/2; 3/3; etc) of Clusters and Pullups. 
One partner will work at a time. Partner 1 will do the odd rounds. Partner 2 will do the even rounds. 
RX: 135/95 on the barbell with pullups
Scaled: 75/55 on the barbell with jumping chest 2 bar pullups




Mike Alley