Thursday 1.19.17

Buy in: Tabata format- one-arm kettlebell deadlift right side(the weight should touch the floor to start each rep), left side, hang power curl to push press right side, left side, Repeat. Mobilize.

For time:

This is a partner workout featuring a series of tasks to be completed in "I go, then you go" fashion-

Complete 100 burpees trading off sets of 10. This means each athlete will end up performing 50 burpees.

rest 1 minute

150 wall balls. (This means one partner does 80 and the other does 70 total).

rest 1 minute

Run 1600 meters in 400 meter increments.

rest 1 minute

Row 2000 meters in 500 meter increments

rest 1 minute

150 KB Swings trading sets of 10

Mike Alley