Monday 1.23.17

Buy in: 7 reps unloaded barbell complex- rdl, bent-over row,hang power clean, strict press, back squat, push press, front squat. Mobilize.

Minute 1=21 Wall Balls 14/20

Minute 2=15 Sumo deadlift high pulls 53/75

Minute 3=7 Chest to bar Pullups (choose the appropriately challenging scaling option for you!)

Repeat without stopping for 5 rounds. At the completion of 5th round, rest 1 minute. Then Row 100 calories or Run 1 mile. 

Record total time

"All of the rest in this training session should come between completion of the task and the start of the next minute.  No breaking." copied and pasted from

Click here to read about the gains lab website from which i've shared this content and been inspired to create this particular workout.


Mike Alley