Tuesday 1.31.17

Buy in: Run the EPB loop. Mobilize.

Partner WOD:

Station 1 (7 minutes AMRAP):

8 reps (4/side)Walking overhead lunges (65/135)

8 reps Box Jumps

8 reps Chest to Bar PullUps

(In this example we'll refer to our two athletes as Ace and Gary. Ace will perform his lunges while Gary waits. Once Ace is done, Gary will perform the Box Jumps. Afer Gary finishes the Box Jumps, Ace will perform the pullups. Then, it's Gary's turn to do the lunges and so on. A "round" in this instance consists of the partners completing the 3 exercises, EVEN THOUGH, Ace will go twice in some rounds while Gary goes twice in others. Record total rounds

Rest 1 minute then:

Station 2:400 meter Partner sled drag (you'll have up to 7 minutes). Rx men 3 plates, women 2 plates. Partners switch out as needed, only 1 partner works at a time. If you finish with time to spare, take a break!

Rest 1 minute then:

Station 3:7 minutes AMRAP same format as station 1

8 wall balls

8 burpees

8 calories rower or bike

Mike Alley