Thursday 1.05.17

Buy in: Tabata Downdog. 10 reps cat/camel, supermans, hip thrusts on bench, ghd situps, spiderman lunge. Mobilize. Perform progressively heavier sets of clusters to figure out how heavy you're going in the WOD.

This workout features a modified EMOM format. You'll do one exercise the first minute, a different exercise the second minute and another exercise the third minute.

Minute one: 15 Kettlebell Swings

Minute two: 10 Ring Dips

Minute three: 5 Clusters

Complete 5 rounds, or 15 minutes worth of work. After the very last set of Clusters, rest one minute and

Run 1 mile (sub is 100 calories on the rower)

Record total time. 

Mike Alley