Monday 2.13.17

Buy in: 10 reps each movement. Mobilize.

Teams of 4. 20 minute AMRAP:

50 Pullups

50 Push Ups

50 Wall Balls

50 Box Jumps

50 KB Swings

Only one teammate works through the above at a time. While the AMRAP work is being addressed, at least one teammate is rowing or biking for calories. It is fine to switch out as needed but the goal is to accumulate as many calories as possible. In the event of a team of 3, just have athlete A and B begin with the sets of 50 while athlete C does the calories. Again, you can switch out on any of it as needed. In the event of there only being 2 athletes available, simply forget about the calories and do the 50 reps work.


Mike Alley