Thursday 2.09.17

Buy in:7 reps Behind the neck band press, Band OHS, Band OH Reverse lunge, Band Pull apart. Mobilize.

4 stations, 2 minutes per station. Flow through each one ala Fight Gone Bad then rest 2 minutes. 3 rounds.

2 minute AMRAP-

1-arm dumbbell/kettlebell complex. 

3 reps each: Hang power snatch>Reverse lunge>Overhead Squat >Single-leg RDL>Push Press.   

Finish one movement before switching to another. Complete all reps on a given side before switching hands.

2 minute AMRAP-

Row for Calories

2 minute AMRAP-

Box Jumps/Step Ups

2 minute AMRAP-

ABMAT Sit-ups

Rest 2 minutes 

Repeat 2 more times.

Record total reps because counting is the point. /s



Mike Alley