Monday 6.26.17


For time:

Run 5 k. If you need a sub, row 5k.

The route: Leave via the Main street door, Head down Broad all the way to the TN Aquarium. Enter the Aquarium campus and cut through to the right and go to Market Street. Turn right onto Market then almost immediately turn right again onto 2nd. (think of this as a cloverleaf- we're doing this for the distance). Stay on 2 until Chestnut and turn left onto Chestnut. Stay on Chestnut until you get to 7th. Turn left onto 7th then right onto Broad. Stay on Broad until you get to Main. Re-enter the gym by running to Cowart and turning back in to the basketball court.  For the gifted map-makers among us, feel free to share a link. Thanks!

Mike Alley