Wednesday 7.05.17

Buy in: In Tabata fashion (4 minutes total): 20 seconds Samson stretch left, then 20 seconds Samson stretch right (Use a pad for your knee). Spiderman lunge left, then Spiderman lunge right then start over and repeat. With a pvc pipe do 10 reps shoulder complex and pvc thrusters. Mobilize.

Complete 5 reps left hand One-arm dumbbell thruster, then 5 reps right hand. Repeat 2 more times. Rest as needed. Load as you see fit.

Complete 3 sets of  5 reps Weighted pull-ups.

Complete 5 reps  one-arm overhead walking lunge  left hand, then 5 reps right hand (10 total reps). Repeat 2 more time. Rest as needed. Load as you see fit.

then Complete the following barbell complex(5 reps each movement) As many times as possible in 7 minutes:

Power clean>Push Press>Overhead Reverse lunge. (for the lunges just work one leg each round alternating).




Mike Alley