Tuesday 8.15.17

Buy in:4 sets of 25 reps double unders. 10 reps Band shoulder complex, band pull aparts, no money drill. Mobilize. Progressively load your bar to prepare for the workout. We're playing ready golf today so step to the tee when you're ready.

Today's WOD is inspired by the CrossFit.com workout. I'm going to tweak it and turn it into 4 separate rounds where you rest as needed between rounds. This workout is super-easy to scale so newcomers can do fewer overall reps per round or superfreaks can go heavier. Enjoy!

Copied then modified from CrossFit.com:

4 rounds for time of:
25 push presses, 63/95 lb.
50-cal. row
100 double-unders

Remember- rest as needed between rounds. You're going to record the total time by adding all 4 rounds together, not including rest.

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Mike Alley