Friday 1.12.18

Buy in:Tabata Downdog progression. Captain Morgan, Couch stretch, Kossack squat holding onto the rig. Mobilize.

Back Squat 7,5,3,1,1,1,1,1

You may feel tired, beat-up, broke down, busted, tuckered out, stove-up, stiff, achy, breaky or all of the above. Best thing you can do is rub some heavy squats on it. This format provides you with some flexibility in that you don't need to P.R. if you're running low on gumption. Do your best, get some relatively heavy squats under your belt. You'll feel better once you're done. 

Finisher: 10 minutes of (moderately paced) Rowing or Bike Riding. Rub some salve on your bottom if this inflames you Cody.

Mike Alley