Monday 7.30.18

Buy in: Turf- 10 walking lunges/side, 20 meters: suitcase carry (use db or kb) left, right, one-arm overhead carry left/right.  Farmers carry 40 meters. Mobilize.

Strongman Strut: 

20 meter Front Rack carry

5 sets

Progressive loading

Rest as needed between sets

Maintain situational awareness. Work in groups of 4-5. Avoid collisions by being smart. When dumping the loaded barbell, be sure your fall zone is safe and clear. Do not attempt to execute a 180 degree rotation while under load. Using your brain should limit the potential for injury. 

then for time complete:

9-7-5 reps of
Front Squat(60% BW/BW) (from the floor)

Bar Facing burpees

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