Friday 8.03.18


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Tabata band shoulder press left/right, band pull aparts, band shoulder dislocations.
Tabata air squats, dead hang, late stretch left/right, repeat.

CrossFitter's Choice

Option 1: "Karen" 150 Wall Balls for time (14/20) 15 minute cap

Option 2: 30 Muscle-ups for time 15 minute cap (sub 50 pull-ups and 50 dips) (what? yeah that's right. Glassman thought 120 dips and 120 pull-ups was an appropriate scale. What can I say except, "you're welcome").

Option 3: Daily Double- Both WOD's!!! 20 minute cap (what? yeah that's right. You're a badass. You're doing two wod's. You don't need more time.)

Mike Alley