Wednesday 8.15.18


Buy in: PVC snatch progression 5 reps-jump shrug from the hang, jump shrug high pull (from the hang), muscle snatch from the hang, from an ohs position drop quickly about 2" down (5x), then same about 4" down, then to parallel. Finally, from an ohs position, drop quickly all the way into a deep squat. See this video for a quick visual reference. Going forward the above will be referenced simply as "The Burgener Warm-Up".

Dumbbell Hang Muscle Snatch: Alternate for 30 reps (10/side. To clarify, alternate in this case means you SWITCH HANDS EVERY REP) For further clarification EVERY means ALL OF THE REPS. YOU SWITCH HANDS EVERY TIME YOU COMPLETE A REP.  Use a moderate load.

3 rounds of Cindy- 5 pull-ups 10 push ups 15 air squats.

Workshop your kips/pull ups and muscle-ups.

For time complete 21-15-9 reps of:

Muscle Snatch 53/75

Pullup progression (bar muscle ups, chest to bar pull-ups, pull-ups- 7/7/7 for the round of 21, then 5/5/5, for the round of 15 and 3/3/3 for the round of 9.

12 minute time cap

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