Squat ninja mobility sequence:Pigeon, captain morgan, cossack, toe stretch(shoes off), calf-ankle stretch, asian squat with med ball, thoracic mobility stretch (from all fours position), lat stretch on rig.

Progressively load your bar for the workout.

20 reps however you can slice it and dice it. As few sets as possible. Multiple sets of 5 is ideal as next week we’re hitting 5x5. Remember this workout will use the same load we’ve used for the last several squat sessions.

Finisher: With a very moderate weight, perform a single set of 8 reps of Front Squats where a single rep will have you lower the weight to full depth, standing halfway up, returning to the bottom of the squat and then standing all the way back up. I call these "1 and a half reps". Enjoy!!!

Mike Alley