Friday 9.21.18


Buy in:200 meter walk. Spiderman stretch, lat stretch. Progressively load your squat to prepare for the workout.

CrossFitter’s Choice

Format is the same

5 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

and one of the following options:

a) Back Squat 15 reps@ 95/135 aka Diva

b) Back Squat 7 reps@135/225 aka Heavy Diva

c) Overhead Squat 15 reps@63/95 Nancy

d) Overhead Squat 7 reps@95/135 Heavy Nancy

Just to recap, run 400 m, do A or B or C or D, repeat 4 more times.

So that’s 4 options- the traditional 1- “Diva”, 2-“Heavy Diva”, 3-”Nancy” or 4-“Heavy Nancy”

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