Friday 9.07.18


Buy in: 2 rounds of: 90 seconds of single unders. 45 seconds of a banded front rack stretch. 30 seconds of a hollow hold. 15 supermans. 10 barbell hang cleans to strict press. 5 sets of 2 reps (using the workout weight) of clean and jerks. Work on being crisp and efficient with your movements. Hips stay low, chest stays high, speed through the middle, elbows move like lightning to secure the bar in the high rack. Explode through the hips and punch the bar to lockout. It's a lot but it's quite simply effective and efficient use of physics and coordination to achieve a goal. getSOME.

Double Grace

Complete 60 reps for time of barbell clean and jerk (power clean).


as always scale as needed.

15 minute time cap. If you need more time, you went too heavy.

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