Friday 1.18.19

For time and load:

21 reps back squat

15 reps front squat

9 reps overhead squat

10 minute time cap. It is fine to use the rack.

USE THE SAME WEIGHT FOR ALL 3 SQUAT VARIATIONS. The OHS is the determining factor here (OBVI!)

General Warm-up

200 meter jog

15 goblet squats

20 mountain climbers

10 thoracic rotations per side (from kneeling position)

10 walking lunge steps with PVC shoulder pass throughs

30 seconds downward dog

Specific Warm-up

10 PVC Shoulder dislocations

(focus on keeping belly tight and ribs down)

10 PVC Overhead squats

10 unloaded barbell overhead squats

(focus on sending hips back and down while keeping the bar over the middle of the foot)

Perform whatever other additional mobilizations you need in order to prepare for the workout.

Build up to working weight with 3 sets of 3 progressive loading on each squat variation.

Mike Alley