Tuesday 1.08.19


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

Power Snatches

Toes to Bar

Men: 135

Women 95

(this workout is mine but the following information was adapted from CrossFit Training’s Instagram lesson plan for the 18/12/08 workout featured on CrossFit.com). It is a tremendous resource. If you like this type of approach please let us know!)

Coaches notes:

All sections of the class are coach led. This couplet utilizes complementary movement functions with a rep-scheme that will challenge strength-endurance and cardiorespiratory capacity. Although the movement functions complement each other, there will be some interference with the musculature of the upper back as well as the grip. Athletes should utilize a load on the barbell that will allow for the the bigger sets to be completed unbroken or with just a single break. Strive to remain unbroken on the toes to bar. Workshop rapid-fire singles to keep movement quick and near constant.

General Warm-up

Tabata-fashion Jumping Jacks>Band Pull aparts>Push Ups>Shoulder Dislocations>repeat

Tabata-fashion Burpees>Toes to Bar>Bicycle Crunches>Reverse lunges>repeat

Specific Warm-up

5 reps each (unloaded barbell)

Snatch-grip liftoff>Snatch-grip RDL>Hang Snatch Shrug(speed through the middle!)>Hang Pull(elbows high)>Hang Power Snatch>Power Snatch balance


Focus on receiving the barbell in a power stance with synchronous arm-extension and foot contact with the ground.

Toes to bar

2 sets of 5 kip swings

Use the shoulders to initiate the swing while keeping the abs and glutes squeezed.

10 straight leg sit-ups

Athletes should reach past the toes at the top of the movement

1 set of the 3 position toes to bar drill, performing 3 reps at each height

Focus on the correct timing of raising the legs and linking reps together.

Build Up

Perform 2 rounds of:

5 Barbell Snatches (increase the load on the second round)

3 toes to bars or hanging leg-raise variations if scaling.

Make final workout preparations. Cap for this workout is 15 minutes. Remember to prioritize intensity by choosing a load that matches your competence in this very technical lift. Nobody wins if your snatches are uglier than a mud fence.

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