Thursday 2.14.19

A quick note of thanks my loyal blog readers who have expressed sadness over the last couple of days when the workout wasn’t posted. Y’all are awesome. Both of you.

Buy in:Burgener Snatch Warm-up with PVC. Unloaded barbell snatch progression. Lat smash. Snatch, snatch and snatch some more to prepare. Use the hook grip.

"Stick the landing"

20 minute time cap.

You'll complete 10 Power Snatches at a given weight. (doesn't matter what load you start with). If ANY of your reps involve a stutter step or shuffle or compensatory foot movement in order to complete the rep, you must start the set over. Though this sounds ambiguous, you will know when it happens. Once you've stuck the landing at a given weight 10 times in a row, you'll add weight and proceed in the same fashion.

Record your heaviest perfect set of 10. Either Power or Squat Snatch is allowed. If you choose to squat and falter as your are lifting the weight out of the hole, you start the set over.

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