Friday 4.19.19

Buy in: Deadlift prep- birddog, cat/cowmel, fire hydrant, hip thrusts on bench, side-lying bridges. Mobilize. Prepare for workout.

Complete 5 rounds not for time

5 reps Deadlift@155/225 (reps should be crisp and fast. If you can’t move the weight with powerful hip extension, reduce the weight)

15 reps Dips (sub bench dips or use bands)

10 reps Over and back shoulder press (this will be necessarily light)

3 sets Assistance work

complex- 5 reps Double KB or DB Deadlift>5 reps Double KB RDL>5 reps Bent over row>5 reps shrug>15 reps calf raises

25 reps bodyweight hip thrusts on bench wearing hip circle

Mike Alley