Monday 4.29.19

Snatch prep- Burgener warm up with PVC, shoulder dislocations w/PVC, thoracic mobility drill holding PVC while kneeling on floor with elbows on bench. Lat stretch on rig. Couch stretch, calf stretch. Here's the thing- we're squat snatching in the wod today- you need help. Make mobility a priority so your movement patterns are legit. If you need help- please ask a trainer.

Snatch workshop- Hit 15-20 squat snatch singles to prepare for the workout. Ask a trainer for help.

For time:

Complete 10 rounds of-

5 Squat Snatch 65/115 (if your hips don’t travel below your knees, you’re power snatching- which is fine, but it’s not RX. Have someone film you so you can see for yourself whether you are meeting the movement standard)

5 Pull ups

Mike Alley