Wednesday 5.15.19

Buy in: Slow jog 400 meters. Take off your shoes. Stretch the muscles along the front of your foot by reaching a leg behind you and straightening it while actively pointing your toes. Ground your toes and attempt to put the large knuckle of your big toe on the floor. Sounds complicated but it isn’t. You will likely experience a profound stretch. Do this stretch for each foot twice. Stretch your ankles and calves. Perform a squat with a 10 or 15 pound plate and hold a beautiful full-depth squat position for one minute with your arms extended out in front of you holding the plate as you would a steering wheel. This one minute will reveal some tightness in your adductors and or hip flexors. Take time to properly address these tight spots.

Perform 10 reps: Birddog, Fire hydrant, cat/cowmel.

Hip circle rodeo: bridges, side walk, front walk, back walk, clamshell.

Back Squat: 8 sets of 3 reps@70-80% . Straight sets.

If you aren’t already please follow Squat University on social media. The page is invaluable. Please commit yourself to the craft of squatting with perfect form. Nobody cares how heavy you went with less than legit form. True story.

3 rounds of Assistance work:

Front Squat 1 1/2 squats 5 reps (light)

Back Squat 5 reps with 3 second pause in the hole (light)

Rear foot elevated split squats 8 reps/side (no weight)

Finisher: Tabata air squats (Bottom to bottom- good news!!! this means during the 10 second rest you maintain an active position in the hole)

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