Monday 5.20.19

Buy in: 200 meter jog- 5 reps each- pullups, wall balls , kb swings, push ups, box jump overs. Mobilize.


for time complete

Crye-Leike Loop

25 pullups

then partition as desired

100 wall balls

140 kb swings

180 push ups

25 pullups (not part of the partition equation)

Crye-Leike Loop

The gym is set up in a specific fashion for multiple reasons. There are designated areas for wall balls, kb swings and push ups. A wall of boxes 24" high separates these areas. You must go over the boxes to transition from movement to movement. I don't expect you to comprehend. In fact, I'm surprised you're still reading at this point. Just show up and we'll talk you through it. Cheers!

Mike Alley