Friday 5.03.2019


8 reps Partner med-ball work- chest pass, left arm pass, right arm pass, press into the floor (think bent over in RDL position and explosively "bench pressing" the ball at the ground), burpees. Band shoulder mobilizations.


Bench Press (6 sets of 4 reps. Straight Sets.)

Assistance Work

Assistance Work 3 rounds:

200 meter Farmers Carry

8 reps Ring Rows

8 reps dumbbell bench

8 reps hammer curls


1000 Calories for time. Try to sustain the highest RPM's possible. Every time you slow down, complete 100 burpees. If you have to break up the burpees, do one penalty mile. If during the penalty mile you fall off of your max effort mile pace, complete 100 jumping lunges. If your fail to gently touch your knee to the ground during the lunges, complete 50 unbroken push-ups. If you cannot complete the push-ups unbroken, start the whole thing over.

Mike Alley