Tuesday 5.7.2019


8 reps- Birddog, Cat/Cowmel, Hip thrusts, Hip circle walks forward backward side to side, 10 or 15 pound plate squat with pause in the hole to straighten the arms.

Mobility work- Cossack stretch, groin stretch, pigeon. Additional work as needed.

Progressively load your barbell to prepare for the workout.

Metcon (Weight)

Complete 3 reps every minute on the minute

Back Squats 8 minutes@50-60%

Front Squats 8 minutes@50-60%

Thrusters 8 minutes@50-60%

This is a metric ton of volume. Accordingly the weights should be very moderate. You should expect to sweat a lot but not experience hemorrhoid-inducing levels of strain. If you get a tight back as a result of squatting, you likely have less than stellar mobility and form. Success in this workout looks like textbook high-quality reps. Make form your highest priority and don’t hesitate to go a bit lighter. Stay woke!

Wodify doesn't really afford a proper opportunity to "score" this workout so I propose you add the weight of each of the three lifts. Example back squat 205 plus front squat 155 plus thruster 95= 455 pounds. We're using straight sets here by the way. In the comment section write it up like this: 205/155/95
*Note- There is no additional rest between exercises.


Tabata Burpees or Tabata KB swings.

Mike Alley