Thursday 5.09.19

Buy in: 40 meters (each exercise) kb suitcase carry left, right, overhead carry right, left. 20 meters handstand walk. (sub wall kick ups), burpee broad jumps. Practice the technical aspects of the workout. Work to improve your competency at toes to bar and handstand push ups in particular. Mobilize as needed.

In 7 minutes complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:

7 Handstand Push Ups

7 American KB Swings 44/70

Rest 1 minute

7 minute AMRAP-

7 Box Jumps 20/24

7 per side 1-arm dumbbell hang power snatch. You don’t have to alternate 35/50

Rest 1 minute

7 minute AMRAP-

7 toes to bar

35 double unders

Mike Alley