Wednesday 6.19.19

Buy in: In Tabata fashion- :20 single leg hip thrusts on bench left leg> :20 right leg> :20 push ups> :20 pull ups repeat. Grab an unloaded barbell and set up in a high-rack position- complete 8-10 reps where you let your elbows drop down and point at the ground and then lift them back up into the high-rack elbows up position. Repeat this drill but this time do it while in the bottom of the squat position. Progressively load your front squat to prepare for the workout.

Front Squat: 10 sets of 2 reps. Progressive loading.

In 9 minutes climb the ladder:

Squat Cleans (70%BW women/ BW men)

Double Unders

1/10,2/20,3/30 and so on.

Mike Alley