Friday 6.07.19

Buy in: 10 reps- push ups, 1-arm dumbbell snatch, 1 arm dumbbell push press, 1-arm dumbbell row on bench, dumbbell external rotations. Progressively load your barbell to prepare for the workout.

Bench Press 10 sets of 10 reps@ ROUGHLY 60% of 1RM- Straight sets. Listen up- percentages offered here are guidelines. If they don’t match up with your current strength/fitness (in the words of Katrina’s college ball coach)- MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT. You’re wearing your big person britches (not calling anyone fat here)- use your noggin and do the right thing for you as it relates to loading.

After each set of Bench complete either 50 double unders or 10 calories on the bike or 15 on the rower.

Finisher: Max reps in 1 minute- shoulder the heavy bag or the 50# slam balls. We have 2 heavy bags that weigh roughly 130#. They are over by the GHD.

Mike Alley