Wednesday 7.10.19

Buy in: 5 frames Rowling. 8 reps (light dumbbell) curl and press, hang power snatch, single-leg RDL. Mobilize.

Practice Handstands and figure out how you’re going to scale them for the workout.

For time:

21 reps/side 1-arm dumbbell hang power clean to overhead alternating. 42 reps total. (35/50)

21 reps burpee box jump overs 20/24

21 calories assault bike or 28 calories rower

rest 2 minutes

15 reps/side single dumbbell step ups. You can hold the dumbbell however you like, but you alternate step ups right leg, then left leg. (just like in the open) 30 reps total. (35/50)

15 strict handstand push ups. Sub dumbbell strict press.

15 front squats (bodyweight for men/67% of bw for women) Yes use the rack.

rest 2 minutes

9 reps power clean and jerk (same loading as front squat)

9 reps chest to bar pullups

9 calories bike 15 calories row

Mike AlleyComment