Wednesday 8.14.19

Buy in: 7 reps Unloaded barbell complex- RDL>Bent over row> Clean grip liftoff (stop at knees)>Hang power clean>Push Press>Front Squat>Strict Press>Back Squat

8 sets of 3 reps Snatch grip deadlift. Straight sets.

The goal of these sets is to learn and establish consistent use of the ideal back arch required to be proficient in the snatch. The weight used should reflect this goal. Being a hero with heavy weights and disastrous form makes you unheroic. Please read and re-read this sentence as many times as necessary. A coach will happily provide feedback as needed.

In 5 minutes complete as many power snatches as possible at 70% of your 1RM. Prioritize ideal form and speed of execution. Locking it out overhead with egregious form is not what we’re shooting for. If in doubt take some weight off of the bar.

Mike AlleyComment