Thursday 8.08.19

Buy in: You've got a decision to make: Row 5K or Deadlift. Please do not do both of these workouts in a single WOD time for a variety of reasons. Give your best effort on one OR the other.

Row and Deadlift prep: 8 reps cat/camel, birddog, side-lying bridge, superman, hip thrusts with band. Hip circle side to side, back and forth, clamshell.

Row prep= Row a series of four, 300 meter intervals where your first effort is a good bit slower than your intended pace. Speed up on subsequent efforts such that your last 300 meter effort is at your 5k pace.

Deadlift prep=Progressively load your barbell to prepare for the workout.

5k Row for time.


Deadlift 3x5@75%

8 rounds for time of:

8 Double DB or KB Deadlifts (touch the floor each time)

8 Toes to Bar or Double DB/KB crunches

Mike AlleyComment