Wednesday 9.04.19

Buy in: Barbell clean progression. Mobilize. Learn the finer points of the touch and go technique we’re emphasizing below.

Every 90 seconds for 6 rounds: complete 3 reps in rapid fire touch and go power clean to overhead fashion. The emphasis on these reps is smooth execution which equals speedy execution. Herky jerky is not what we’re looking for here. We’re working to improve our barbell cycling. Choose a weight that you can launch directly off of your shoulders in one fluid motion, not one that requires a lengthy breathing and bracing sequence before sending it skyward. The loading is progressive.

In 7 minutes climb the ladder:

Power Cleans (70% of bodyweight for women/ bodyweight for men)

Chest to Bar Pull Ups

1-1, 2-2,3-3 and so on.

Mike Alley